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Port Computer Services (trade name ADVANTUM), a subsidiary of the Shipping Association of Jamaica Property Limited, was established in 1981 to provide information technology infrastructure and systems support to the local port community and the wider Caribbean maritime sector. ADVANTUM holds the distinction of being the pioneer in the computerization of the Port of Kingston, one of the Hemisphere’s premier and most strategically located transshipment ports.

We have evolved to become the leading IT service provider to the Jamaican shipping industry, with a growing overseas client base and recent expansion into several industries beyond shipping. ADVANTUM focuses on software development, application hosting, hot site redundancy services, network and communication services.

ADVANTUM software suite includes:

  • Advantum Agent Manager
  • Advantum Port Manager
  • Advantum Demurrage and Detention
  • Advantum eLabour
  • Advantum Warehouse Manager
  • Advantum Payroll
  • Advantum Financials
  • Advantum Chassis Manager

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Our data centre is 99% available and is bolstered by dual off-site back up, which includes a Cloud environment for disaster recovery and redundancy.

ADVANTUM has a culture of being creative and innovative, which is manifested through its technical staff that consists of well-trained and experienced software developers, AS400 operators, business & systems analysts, network administrators and project managers.

Ms. Andrea McGibbon, Chief Operating Officer and a Board manage Advantum. The Board is led by Mr. Roger Hinds (CEO, Transocean Shipping Limited), and includes Mr. Grantley Stephenson (CEO, Kingston Wharves Limited), Mr. Harry Maragh (CEO and Chairman, Lannaman & Morris (Shipping) Limited), Mr. Michael Bernard (Director, Jamaica Freight & Shipping Co. Ltd), Mr. Kim Clarke (President, The Shipping Association of Jamaica and Managing Director of Maritime & Transport Services Limited), Mr. Evroy Johnson (Financial Controller, Lannaman & Morris (Shipping) Limited) and Mr. Trevor Riley (Group CEO, The Shipping Association of Jamaica).