Motor Vehicle Inventory, Movement Tracking and Management

ADVANTUM Motor Vehicle Management System is a powerful platform that helps motor vehicle departments, car dealers and importers/exporters to manage vehicle operations by tracking vehicles handles, moved, and stored on the terminal. Our handheld scanning devices allow for up-close RFID or barcode scanning of tagged vehicles. Using ADVANTUM MVMS increases speed, efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and transparency, and provides real-time information on vehicles and operations to management personnel.

What you can do

Vehicle Inventory Management

  • Define operational space (storage areas)
  • Search for vehicles by Chassis/VIN or tag
  • Manage vehicle tags
  • Get current location and status of vehicles
  • Dashboard for tracking progress of movement operation
  • Add reconciliation point
  • Perform inspection and generate report
  • Generate inventory report
  • Tally and discharge load list
advantum motor vehicle
advantum motor vehicle tracking

Vehicle Movement Management

  • Plan and track all vehicle movement within operational area
  • Process vehicle load and vehicle discharge
  • Automatically update vehicle movement and location using RFID tags and scanners


  • Get all the features you need on the go via the ADVANTUM MVMS  android App. Get real time updates on your vehicle inventory and vehicle movement.

Why Choose ADVANTUM Software?

  • Flexible and user-friendly interface with support for use on mobile and any device
  • Quick retrieval of information through search facilities
  • Transaction based reporting to support audit trails
  • Standard and custom reports generator that enables users to create defined reports.
  • Graphical dashboard with snapshot of user defined key performance indicators.
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Robust security
  • Electronic Data Interchange (import and export data in various file formats e.g., CSV, XML, ANSI X12, EDIFACT or any other standards)
  • Connects with Third Party Systems – communicates with other business systems, shipping partners (PCS and ASYCUDA) and EDI partners
  • On premises or cloud-based options to access system from anywhere in the world

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

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