Manage your business payroll with ease

ADVANTUM Payroll is a multi-user, multi-company software that handles any standard payroll process. It allows for a multi-company and hierarchical management of company accounts. There is also an accounting interface that provides details on salaries, taxes and deductions along with their associated accounts and sub-accounts. It interfaces with your HRMS and Financial application and also seamlessly integrates with ADVANTUM eLabour and ADVANTUM Financials accounting system.

What you can do

Employee Management

  • Configure at the employee, department, group and global levels
  • Define and customize pay item and special payment rules based on the context applied.
  • Set approval user controls
elabour_workforce planning
e-labour_labour scheduling

Leave & Attendance Management

  • Manage all leave, attendance, and related policies
  • Automatically generate time sheet for hourly paid staff and accept time sheet information from external source(s)
  • Manage standard and complex time sheet entries (record hours worked and generate benefits based on work type and hours)
  • Accept time and attendance input

Payroll Processing

  • Automatically calculate income, deductions (including statutory) and company contributions as per the requirements.
  • Generate cheques, pay slips and direct bank payments
  • Plan, calculate and manage incentives, bonus payments, retroactive payments, increases in salaries and allowances (project costs and apply at specified date)
  • Manage multiple payroll types (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.)
  • Manage ad hoc payments (ability to generate special one-off payments etc.)
  • Track payroll changes over selected periods.
  • Produce ACH files for interface with banking platforms for salary deductions transfers
  • Produce journals for interface with accounting system such as ADVANTUM Financials.
  • Interface with external HR and accounting systems

Month/Year-End Procedures

  • Generate reports at the end of each accounting period

Why Choose ADVANTUM Software?

  • Flexible and user-friendly interface
  • Quick retrieval of information through search facilities
  • Transaction based reporting to support audit trails
  • Standard and custom reports generator that enables users to create defined reports.
  • Graphical dashboard with snapshot of user defined key performance indicators.
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Robust security
  • Electronic Data Interchange (facilitates ANSI X12 and EDIFACT or any other standards)
  • Integrates with Third Party Systems – communicates with other business systems, shipping partners (PCS and ASYCUDA) and EDI partners
  • On premises or cloud-based options to access system from anywhere in the world

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

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