ADVANTUM Equipment allows you to manage heavy-duty equipment and machinery for hire/lease and automate billing for the equipment. It also allows for scheduling of maintenance, repairs, insurance, and licensing. When integrated with ADVANTUM eLabour, it provides a full-service platform for resource management, keeping track of specific worker equipment assignments and more.

What you can do?

Equipment Scheduling & Management

  • Set equipment usage definitions and labour skill requirements.
  • Assign equipment to a customer/user and compute the period of use.
  • Indicate equipment availability.
  • Receive insightful analytics and reporting to assess and manage performance.
e-labour_labour scheduling

Actual Time & Equipment Usage Updates

  • Track projects and equipment activity accurately based on hours and cost.
  • Real-time alerts of equipment usage anomalies.

Coming Soon

  • Calculate charges (including waivers and discounts) and automates customer billing.
  • Track/Record accidents, repairs, insurance, maintenance, and licensing schedules

Why Choose ADVANTUM Software?

  • Flexible and user-friendly interface with support for use on mobile and any device
  • Quick retrieval of information through search facilities
  • Transaction based reporting to support audit trails
  • Standard and custom reports generator that enables users to create defined reports.
  • Graphical dashboard with snapshot of user defined key performance indicators.
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Robust security
  • Electronic Data Interchange (import and export data in various file formats e.g., CSV, XML, ANSI X12, EDIFACT or any other standards)
  • Connects with Third Party Systems – communicates with other business systems, shipping partners (PCS and ASYCUDA) and EDI partners
  • On premises or cloud-based options to access system from anywhere in the world.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

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